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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Atkins, Mike   Police Department    
Beatty, Jeff   Street Department    
Beehler, Shoda D Clerk-Treasurer Clerk-Treasurer 574-223-2510
Beehler, Todd Redevelopment Commission Member Redevelopment Commission  
Berlin, Alex Park Board Member Park Board    
Biddinger, Eric Tree Board Member Tree Board  
Border, Duane Chairperson Board of Zoning Appeals  
Bowers, John Tree Board Member Tree Board  
Bowers, Phil Redevelopment Commission Member Redevelopment Commission  
Butler, Tom Fire Chief Fire Department  
Campbell, Matt   Police Department    
Conley, Lennie Street Dept. Superintendent, Parks Foreman Street Department 574-223-4740
Cummins, Brad   Street Department    
Davis, Marvin 2019 Water Board President Water Board   574-835-5808
Denniston, Tyler   Police Department    
Denny, Kent   Fire Department    
Denton, Theodore J Mayor City Council 574-223-4555
Dubois, TJ Training Captain Fire Department    
Enyart, Helen Tree Board Member Tree Board 574-223-3354
Figlio, Richard Board Member Board of Public Works and Safety 574-835-2280
Fitzwater, Brian City Common Council - District 3 Tree Board 574-835-2900
Frank, Matt Tree Board Member Tree Board  
Garrett, John City Common Council - District 5 City Council 574-223-4640
Goodman, Brian City Common Council - At Large City Council 574-223-6176
Gunter, Ruth Commissioner City Council 574-835-2966
Staff 1-25 of 60
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