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A water pipe in my house has broken, what should I do?
Attempt to shut off using your basement shut-off first.
What part of my water line does the city maintain?
The City water department maintains the customer water line from the shut-off in your yard, out to the water main in the street.
My water is discolored/has an odor, what should I do?
Let your water run for a few minutes and if it does not clear up then you can contact the city's utility office for any current information and if needed they will dispatch a water dept. employee who will investigate the problem.
What is the hardness of the city's water?
The city measures the hardness of the water in part per million.
What kind of chemicals do the city add to the water?
The city water department adds polyphosphate, chlorine, and fluoride.
Where does the city water come from?
The city water comes from 5 wells that are located at the water plant.
How many fire hydrants are in the Rochester?
The city of Rochester maintains 450 fire hydrants throughout the city.
How much water main is in Rochester?
There is 60 miles of water main throughout the city.
My water sometimes takes like water from a swimming pool. Why would this be?
It is possible for chlorine levels to become slightly higher than average, but more than likely results from chlorine levels being too low.
What are some steps that I can take at home to conserve water?
Some simple steps that you can take at home to conserve water are:
What is normal water pressure level to have at my home?
The city maintains a PSI range of 50 to 55 PSI (pounds per square inch).
Results 1-11 of 11
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