Welcome Message from our Mayor - Transcriptions - Welcome Message from our Mayor

Welcome Message from our Mayor – Transcription


00:00               oh hi there my name is Ted Denton I'm

00:03               the mayor of Rochester Indiana and I

00:06               wanted to personally welcome you to our

00:08               web page now if you're watching me right

00:11               now you've either been surfing the

00:14               internet looking at different web pages

00:16               of similar towns in Indiana or you have

00:20               specifically come to our web page

00:22               because you want some information about

00:24               Rochester well I decided to come to you

00:28               from the studio's of RTC Fiber connect

00:31               to give you a verbal introduction into

00:36               our website it's been my experience that

00:39               most organizations including communities

00:42               take on the personality of their

00:44               leadership and that's why I wanted to

00:46               talk to you today I invite you to be

00:50               very very thorough and going through our

00:52               website we have lots of things to offer

00:55               here time doesn't give me the

00:58               opportunity to share everything with you

01:00               but I would encourage you to look at our

01:03               website thoroughly and if there's

01:05               something that does trip your trigger

01:06               give us a call or better yet come see us

01:10               and when you do that stop by City Hall

01:14               I'd love to say hi

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